Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw replacing the tooth root. Titanium is nonallergic material which osteointegrates with bone. The loss of the natural tooth root leads to bone loss and gums. The use of dental implant prevents this process. The placement of the implant in the bone requires dental surgery, which is performed by dentist under local anesthesia. The implant fuses with the bone painlessly, which ensures its long-term stabillity. Its apperance and functions is felt as natural by the patients. For over 40 years dental implants are successfully used in the treatment of missing teeth, both for individual defects, as well as with more missing teeth and in the complete absence of teeth. In our dental clinic we provide the best implnts for very affordable prices offerd by our dental clinic.

Dental Treatment Name Price
Complete Dental Implant with the Crown AlphaBio (Israel) €1200
Complete Dental Implant with the Crown Bio 3 (German) €1400
Complete Dental Implant with the Crown Swiss (Switzerland) €1800
Full Porcelain Crown on Dental Implant From €800