Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is the field of medicine and dentistry dealing with the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. Usually surgery is associated with the teeth removal, however the range of treatments is much larger. Surgery includes extractions – teeth removal, which can not be saved in the course of medical treatment, but also the removal of impacted teeth (wisdom), broken or unerupted, preparing and enhancing the effects of prosthetic and orthodontic treatment. Apicoectomy – which involves apex root resection with the surrounding change. Implantology – implanting a titanium screw which replaces the root and more. Procedures are painless, performed under local anaesthesia.

Dental Treatment Name Price
Tooth extraction routine €80 - €150
Tooth extraction surgical €150 - €300
Wisdom tooth extraction €150 - €500
Root apex resection €300 - €500
Sinus lift €500 - €3000
Trimming frenulum €200
Histopathology €100
Removal of the labial lesion €200