General Dentistry

Dentistry includes all the mouth treatments whose aim is to ensure the health of the teeth as their appearance and aesthetic improvement. They occur in different fields of dentistry: prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental implants. and endodontics. A typical procedure in the field of dentistry is the teeth cleaning which helps in maintaining proper oral hygiene and protects against carries. The conservative dental treatment using modern composite materials can improve the appearance of discoloured, damaged teeth. We encourage our patients to regularly check up teeth ij our dental clinic to prevent cavities enjoying the beautiful healthy smile.

Dental Treatment Name Price
Full check up €40
Teeth check up with the Xray €60
Emergency consultation €20
Tooth fillings composite reisins (white filling) €90 - €150
Scale & polish €70
Scale & polish with ProFi-Flex €90
Teeth whitening €250
Teeth panoramic Xray €40
One unit Xray €20
Stitches removal €40
Prescription €40

*The tooth support (screw-filipin, anchor) will incur additional charges.