Endodontics deals with dental treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, in which there are nerves and blood vessels, keeping the tooth alive. Root canal treatment is often the only possibility to preserve tooth extraction that should always be the last option. The proper dental care and control allow for long­term maintenance of your own tooth as well as constitute a solid framework for the crown or bridge pillar on the classic restorations and those created on the basis of dental implants. The essence of the root canal treatment is the removal from the chamber and root canal diseased pulp, mechanical widening and disinfection tight channels and filling them with special materials. To ensure maximum comfort to the patient, lack of pain and efficiency dental procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

Dental Treatment Name Price
Anterior root canal treatment (no filling) €300
Pre molar root canal treatment (no filling) €350-€400
Molar root canal treatment (no filling) €450-€500