Prosthetics is part of general dentistry dealing with the teeth correction and proper dental layout, after their damage or total loss of teeth and gum. Currently prosthetics offers a very aesthetic and comfortable dental solutions such as porcelain bridges, dentures (including without clasps with bolts, latches, telescopic crowns). The aesthetic possibilities of correction and reconstruction of our own teeth that are discoloured and incorrectly positioned got increased. In such cases, through the use of porcelain crowns and veneers, we can get the perfect aesthetic and functional results.

Our range of restorations:

  • - Pin cores;
  • - Metal - porcelain crowns and full porcelain crowns;
  • - Veneers;
  • - Bridges;
  • - Crowns and bridges on dental implants;
  • - All-ceramic abutments and metal abutments;
  • - Acrylic dentures and metal base dentures.


Dental Treatment Name Price
Metal – porcelain crown (each) €550
Full cermic crown €650
Zirconia crown €650
Bridge From €1000
Full denture €500
Partial denture €400
Mini denture (1-3 teeth) €250-€300
Crown fix (per unit) €50
Chrome-cobalt denture €1200
Veneer (each) €650
Composite veneer (each) €200-€250
Metal post & core €200-€250
Glass fiber post €100-€200
Fix denture from €100
Night guard €200