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Keeping up with the best dental care of the healthy teeth you already have, this is what our dentist will care most of and whatever the circumstance we will allow you to bring your full confidence in your smile. We can be your dental clinic making you grin on the thought of going there.

Our dentist is in a primal location in Dubllin city centre, only 5 minutes walking distance from O’Connell Street.
Drop in and say hello! We are looking forward to meeting you. You might be few blessings away from your blessington street dentist.

Dr Maria Stenka

Our contact:

Tel: +353 1 444 3370

Our location:

70 Blessington Street,
Inns Quay,
Dublin 7


Medical Card


Enjoy our clinic accepting now Medical Card patients. You could be entitled to free or partially refunded dental care which include teeth cleaning, polishing and fillings, along with many more. For more information, drop into our dental clinic and talk to a member of our staff. We will answer all your questions.
You will love your Dublin LuxDent dentist...

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Free orthodontic consultation.

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Amongst the best dental clinics in Dublin

Our dental clinic is among most recognised places to look for a dentist in Dublin. Stress free environment, kids friendly atmosphere and good recognition of your needs, that is what builds our brand amongst the best Dublin dentist clinics. If you look for comfort and quality service, at reasonable price we are the dentist to look for. Visit our Luxdent clinic and find your smile and satisfaction of a good investment. We bring with ourselves years experience in dentistry and range of specialised dental services. We easily fit among the best Dublin dentists. First of all we will allow and assist you in maintaining and preserving in the best way your own teeth. As other dentist might, we will not lure you with charts of low prices, cause most likely you cannot spend less elsewhere, but you can care more at our Dublin dental clinic. Whole range of professional dental treatments includes most complicated dental surgeries repairing serious injuries and mechanical damage and decay, bringing your teeth to best shape thereafter, and we are among the best in Dublin. Orthodontics, endodontics, general dentistry, dental implants... you will find them all and more at our Dental Clinic Dublin LUXDENT.

Other offers we might have for you:

  • Dental x-ray

    – for your dentist to have better insight into what is going in your mouth, we might suggest at our dental clinic an X-ray checkup. It can help to identify find and treat problems early on in their development.
  • Teeth whitening

    - if a patient has been a smoker, avid coffee or wine drinker, has a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or would just like to improve the colour and look of their teeth, then teeth whitening is the treatment to go for with LUXDENT dentist. At our dental clinic, we have a competitive price of €200 for a full whitening treatment. It takes only 30-45 minutes with our impressive laser technology to see a drastic improvement. We're among the best in Dublin, and this procedure is ideal for a patient looking for a big shift in the look of their teeth.